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The Kilgarin's Gift

The Kilgarin's Gift tells the story of a human mercenary who stumbles on a dark wolf and claims his soul.

A curse upon the cursed is perhaps the Goddess’s most calculated gift.
~ Tacura of The Indomitus Witch Trinity

Cillian Kilgarin. He is wolf-shifter—Indomitus—Clan leader of the cursed Kilgarin’s... and he is losing himself to the madness of his Nocturnal Transition. 

Morgan Neale is a gun-for-hire. And she is his Rí, his Soul-Bearer, the one destined to save him from darkness and balance his existence. 

She does not. 

This human is a bloody curse. Stomping through his world with threats, violence, and foul-mouthed derision. She is the first weapon launched in an unprecedented attack against his clan, and if left unsolved, her mysteries may very well be their undoing. 

The Kilgarin and his Rí share a union the world has never seen, but with unrelenting changes and unknown dangers, will their fledgling bond be strong enough to survive the most insidious enemy Clan Kilgarin has ever encountered?


On The Edge of Love  Classic ebook versi
Mama's Brood: On The Edge of Love, Book 1


Nothing gets between a man and his blades...except maybe a woman.


On The Edge of Love , a contemporary multicultural romance that weaves elements of suspense, humor, and the erotic.

Sabrina Samora is well versed in the art of running, but chaos has a way of finding her and drawing her back in.

Zeus, the newest and most unstable member of a group of mercenaries known as Mama's Brood is given the order to protect Sabrina, and immediately he feels like a familiar mistake, one she plans to avoid at all costs. 

Unfortunately for her, Zeus is habitually indifferent to the desires and motivations of others. His compulsions demand that he seek his satisfaction, and currently that satisfaction resides within Sabrina.

In this story of connection and survival, can Zeus protect Sabrina from the killer obsessed with making her his own, will he lose her to her impulse to run, or together will they discover that the world is better when they don't have to exist within it alone?





Mama's Brood: Unleashing The Storm, Book 2 

A steamy romantic adventure with action, humor, and heart.


It all starts with a feeling.


Something isn’t right – hasn’t been since love found its way inside Mama’s Brood – gets more wrong the moment Lucas ‘Big Country’ Beaumont is captivated by the raw sensuality of Stormy Redmond.


Never one to be controlled by anything as deceptive as a woman’s nature, Big Country relies on a tried and true system to ensure his dealings with women remain relegated to mutually beneficial transactions that end when he says they end.


Or so it was…before that feeling.


Now, faced with the consequences of one unfortunate decision, and a past that will no longer be ignored, Big Country struggles to contain the truth of his nature lest it destroys everyone he cares about, including Stormy, the one woman capable of showing him why a man would be willing to die for something as foolish as love.


Mama's Brood: A Family That Slays Together, Book 3

A love story about found family and the lengths one is willing to go to protect it. 


When a man is named after a god, it only stands to reason that he shows deference to nothing but the Blade Spirits he’s bound to, and no one, but the woman who’s bound him in her love. 

When that same man assumes the responsibility of a child whose survival requires that he adapt, he must move towards a level of existence he’s never aspired to.

So he learns things, like considering other people’s feelings; smiling... trying to mean it; corralling his darker urges so that his new family can know a happiness he was never allowed.

But a life of domestication doesn’t ensure the safety of his expanding family. Not when soulless men want to take what he’s fought for, shed blood for, and is willing to die for again and again. 

In this latest edition of Mama’s Brood, Zeus and Sabrina return to Zeus’s beginnings, facing old demons and new enemies while fighting to hold on to a love they never believed existed for people like them. Will they finally get their happy-ever-after? Or will they discover that their moments of happiness are not meant to last a lifetime?


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